Individuals, companies (B2B and B2C), associations and NGOs, publishing houses, institutions and translation agencies: benefit from a direct, personalized and trustworthy relationship with a professional attentive to your needs.

I am committed to respecting delivery times and the privacy of the data you share with me.


My specialty? Education and pedagogy.

My other fields of expertise: non-profit and humanitarian (NGOs), marketing (tourism, art, culture), editorial (press, publishing, games) and technical (general).

Translation and localization

I translate and localize your Spanish and English-written material to adapt it to the French-speaking market.

I comply with the style guide and the terminology of your organization.

E-learning, education and educational publishing

Rely on a professional experienced in education to localize and translate your teaching materials, manuals, articles, publications, correspondence, reports and thesis.

NGOs and associations

Entrust your translations to a professional who cares about human and environmental values and who is familiar with your fields of action. Make your campaign projects more visible and improve communication with your partners.

Marketing (tourism, art, culture)

Gain visibility and enhance your customers’ and visitors’ experience with fluent, effective and culturally appropriate translations for your target audience.

Press, publishing, games

Benefit from the creative and writing skills of a professional for your editorial projects (articles, novels, comic books, board games, etc.).

Technical (general)

I translate and localize your non-specialized technical documents for the general public.

Editing and proofreading

I edit your texts written in French and carry out comparative editing (source text / target text) of your translations from Spanish and English into French.
I check terminology, correct errors (meaning, consistency, grammar, conjugation, spelling, punctuation, syntax, typography) and enhance the style in order to optimize the fluidity of your documents.


I proofread your texts written in French.
I check and correct grammar, conjugation, spelling and consistency.



I carry out monolingual transcription (French, Spanish, English) of your audio and video documents.


Verbatim (or word-for-word) transcription reproduces the speech in full, including hesitations, repetitions, onomatopoeia, laughter, etc.

In an edited transcription, any elements that make reading more difficult (speech tics, repetitions, noises, hesitations, laughter, stammering, etc.) are removed, and any major errors in grammar, style or syntax are corrected. As a result, the transcripted text becomes more fluent.

Post-editing (MTPE)

I correct your machine translations (Spanish/English>French) as well as your AI-based transcriptions to ensure that the meaning of the original message is correctly conveyed.

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